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Igloo 54QT Marine Ultra + Quantum 18QT Cooler

7 645 руб

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Igloo 54QT Marine Ultra + Quantum 18QT Cooler

Код товара: 034223493929

This Igloo set includes both an Igloo Marine Ultra cooler and a smaller Quantum cooler!

Igloo Marine Ultra coolers are at their best on the water! The cooler is protected against both harmful UV radiation from the sun and corrosion that is common in moist conditions. The case and the lid are both insulated with Igloo Ultratherm, which ensures that the contents remain cold for extended periods – even in hot weather! The Igloo Marine Ultra coolers are among the most long-lasting and reliable models in the Igloo range. The thermal insulation capacity of the Marine Ultra range is excellent; the standard-sized coolers can maintain the appropriate temperature for up to 5 days!

Volume: 51 liters

Igloo Quantum 18 is a compact cooler for any situation. This small wonder is also equipped with Igloo’s high-quality design and amazing tech. Camping or fishing? You decide!

Volume: 17 liters

Igloo 54QT Marine Ultra + Quantum 18QT Cooler
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