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MotorGuide R3 55 Digital Electronic Trolling Motor

25 485 руб

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MotorGuide R3 55 Digital Electronic Trolling Motor

Код товара: 022697100191

The flagship of the MotorGuide electronic trolling motor range.

The technology of the R3 Digital motor allows you to keep fishing for the whole day and maintain perfect control of your boat in all situations. Up to five times the battery capacity of a regular electronic trolling motor! The continuously adjustable speed, extendable steering handle with forward and reverse gears, and sturdy transom mount ensure that this reliable, digitally controlled electric trolling motor is perfect for your boat. The battery capacity of the Digital motor is best in class and the precision of the speed control is unparalleled. This motor allows you to fish for longer, more quietly, and at the exact speed you want.

Key features:
• Continuous adjustment of speed
• Up to five times the battery capacity of regular motors
• Battery charge indicator
• Reversible design allows mounting on the bow or the transom
• Ergonomic and extendable steering handle
• Adjustable attachment that can be locked into seven different positions
• Strong, sturdy composite shaft
• The motor unit is made from powder-coated aluminum and steel
• Stainless steel prop shaft and three-bladed Machete prop
• The silent running allows you to approach fish without getting noticed
• One-touch depth adjustment
• 3-bladed prop
• Shaft length 36"

MotorGuide R3 55 Digital Electronic Trolling Motor
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