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Johnson 1000 GPH Bilge Pump

3 859 руб

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Johnson 1000 GPH Bilge Pump

Код товара: 7330717000288

The 1000 GPH pump equipped with a detachable DC motor incorporates some of the most advanced features in the industry, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of uses including racing, cruising, sport fishing, and demanding commercial duties. The 1000 GPH pump has an easy-to-install Dura-Port discharge port. Voltage 12V. The port eliminates stress cracking caused by over-tightened hose clamps. The pumps are delivered with both a straight and a 90° smooth elbow Dura-Port as well as a removable check valve.

Body: ABS Thermoplastic
Shaft seal: Lip seal
Motor shaft: Stainless steel:
Wiring thickness: 16 GA (1.3 mm2)
Height (A) 4.41" (112 mm)
Width (B) 3.46" (88 mm)
Width (C) 3.15" (80 mm)
Weight: 0.27 kg
Capacity 3 ft (0.9 m) head (13.6V/27.2V): 50 l/min - 800 GPH
Capacity straight (13.6V/27.2V): 63 l/min - 1000 GPH
Power consumption: 3.2 A
Fuse: 5 A
Connections: ¾”

Johnson 1000 GPH Bilge Pump
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