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Blue Sea Fuse Box for 6 Fuses

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Blue Sea Fuse Box for 6 Fuses

Код товара: 632085050252

ST blade fuse box, 6 fuses, negative rail + cover. Combines power distribution and fusible links in one case.

• Positive rail equipped with #10-32 pin
• Suitable for 24-hour circuits
• Available with or without cover
• The button-operated cover protecting the fuses meets ABYC/USCG requirements for insulation and has a slot for two spare fuses, space for an ID tag that can be used for Blue Sea Systems' Small Format tag for identifying the circuit
• The fuse box with covers has 20 ID tags to which you can enter the name of the circuit
• Tin-plated copper rail and fuse holders
• Compatible with both ring or fork terminal connectors
• Compatible with fast blade fuses (ATO® and ATC®)
• Fuses sold separately

Number of circuits: 6
Maximum current: 100A per box | 30A per circuit
Maximum voltage: 32V DC
Installation: M4 screws
Negative rail: #10-32 pin
Positive rail: #10-32 pin
Recommended tightening torque: 2.71 Nm
Tightening torque for screw connection: 1.69 Nm
Screw connection type: #8-32 screws with star washer
Weight: 0.25 kg

Blue Sea Fuse Box for 6 Fuses
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