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Raymarine AXIOM+ 12 RV combo device (RV-100 transducer)

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Raymarine AXIOM+ 12 RV combo device (RV-100 transducer)

Код товара: 723193839942


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The performance-tuned Axiom®+ is a new generation of award-winning Raymarine multifunction displays. Optimized for speed, Axiom Plus is equipped with a powerful quad-core processor for industry-leading responsiveness and speed, giving you the power to seamlessly redraw charts, navigate with augmented reality, and experience RealVision™ 3D sonar. (RealVision scanning RV models.) New, higher resolution IPS displays deliver 25 percent more brightness and new day/night color palettes offer enhanced visibility in any lighting condition.

Axiom Plus features the renowned LightHouse 3 OS, the most powerful and easy-to-use Raymarine MFD operating system to date.

The Raymarine Axiom+ range was designed for speed, performance, and future expansion.

• Navionics and C-Map charts available quickly and easily.
• Smart and intuitive LightHouse 3 OS makes navigating easy.
• Powerful quad-core processor, plus increased onboard storage for personal data and apps.
• ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality-capable for smarter navigation decisions.
• Upgraded IPS display technology delivers charts, sonar, radar, and video in stunning color.
• Nano-coated, impact-resistant glass screen repels water, oil, and smudges for better viewing and accurate touch controls.
The new 7, 9, and 12 inch displays deliver 25 percent more brightness in any lighting condition.
• IPS display technology delivers wider viewing angles and sharp contrast at twice the resolution of traditional displays.
• Improved viewing with new LightHouse color themes, including Day and Night mode.
• Network with multiple Axiom displays, radars, sonar, and more.
• Next-generation, high-performance 10 Hz GPS/GNSS receiver with 4X increased sensitivity for accurate positioning.

• Available with built-in RealVision 3D sonar for the most comprehensive view of the underwater world. (RV models.)
• Mounting Options: Surface, Flush, Trunnion, (Front installation bracket available)
• Waterproof Rating: IPX6 / IPX7
• Operating temperature range: -25...+55°C (-13...+131°F)
• Sonar connections: 25pin RealVision™ type connector

• Model-specific information:
• 12.1 inch High Density IPS, 1280 x 800 (WXGA), brightness 1,800 nits, viewing angle 88° Top, Bottom, Left, Right
• Dimensions: 314 x 217 x 77mm
• Weight: 6.5 lbs. (2.95 kg)
• RV-100 transducer included in the box

Note! Register your product on the Raymarine website within 90 days of purchase to extend the regular two-year warranty to three years.

Raymarine AXIOM+ 12 RV combo device (RV-100 transducer)
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