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Quantum Vapor Aggressor Heavy Lure Baitcasting Rod

12 235 руб - 12 955 руб

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Quantum Vapor Aggressor Heavy Lure Baitcasting Rod

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Quantum Vapor Aggressor Heavy Lure rods are without a doubt a genuine Jack of all trades for pike fishing!

Aggressor reinforces the impact of the bite, which is transmitted immediately to the hand of the angler. This enables you to counter strike at the exact right time, and thus ensure that the pike is hooked securely. The angler feels everything from the vibration of the lure to the tiniest bottom touch. The rod is built around a Toray IM9 high-modular blank, which means that the Aggressor rods are perfectly suited for soft lures, shads and swimbaits, as well as plugs, jerks, and surface film lures! The IM9 blank makes the rods unbelievably lightweight for pike rods. They are also fast-actioned and rigid. Each rod is perfectly balanced without added weight and sits in your hand perfectly with the right reel.

Another thing worth noticing about these rods is the Quantum Vapor Aggressor Smart Trigga feature. Smart Trigga rods are designed in a completely new way, which allows the rod to genuinely rest in your hand ergonomically, improving the fishing feel. The thin EVA handle is grippy.

• ‘Heavy Lure’ model up to 84 grams; casting is possible from 28 grams up. A perfectly balance option for downsizer pike lures and plugs and poppers, for example.
• ‘X-Heavy Lure’ model up to 140 grams for jerks and shads. Recommend lure size 35 grams and up, so this rod can also be used for spoons and plugs.

Key features:
• IM9 Toray blanks
• Fast action
• Smart Trigga models equipped with modern design
• Fuji + Seaguide line guides
• Epoxy Coating

Quantum has manufactured high-quality fishing gear since 1984. The Quantum recipe consists of combining modern materials with fishing knowhow, thus providing the best possible quality for jigging, pike fishing, trolling, and other fishing disciplines. The Quantum quality is relied upon by several competitive anglers, such as Kevin VanDam. As of yet, Quantum is a slightly less known brand in Finland, but we here at Happy Angler want to make Quantum more well-known in here as well!

Quantum Vapor Aggressor Heavy Lure Baitcasting Rod
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